Rules for Admission

  • New admissions are made only where there are vacancies. Admissions are granted on entrance test (except nursery and L.K.G.) without prejudice to caste, creed, sex or religion. The director/Principal has absolute freedom in the choice of candidates for admission.
  • Prior registration for entrance test (if required) is essential. Registration forms are available at the reception desk of the school.
  • The exact date and timing for the test should be confirmed at the time of registration. Parents/guardians should bring the candidate to the school on the fixed date and time.
  • The entrance test comprise of a combined written test in Hindi, English and Mathematics. Duration of the test will be one hour. Only the candidate who qualifies the written test will have to deposit fees on the day of declaration of result. After the day the seat will be treated as vacant and may be filled by another candidate.
  • At the time of admission qualified candidate must produce Mark sheet and transfer certificate of the former school along with recent passport size photograph of the candidate.
  • Name and date of birth as recorded in the previous school leaving certificate, affidavit/birth certificate, as entered in the admission form by parent/guardian will be considered final.
  • Minimum age for class K.G. and L.K.G. is respectively 3-4 years and 4-5 years.

School Timings

  • School will commence from precisely 7.30 A.M. up to 12.30 P.M.
  • Extra classes for 10th class will be held from 3.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
  • The student must reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell rings. The gate will be closed immediately after the bell rings.
  • The school day begins with the general assembly where attendance of all students is compulsory.

Evaluation and Promotion

  • Comprehensive continuous assessment/examinations/tests are planned to evaluate the performance of the student throughout the academic year. Total results of the two terminal examinations, two tests and internal assessments will be the criteria for promotion to the next class at the end of academic session.
  • You can view the progress of your child through the graph of internal tests which will be held thrice a week; every subject will be revised at least once in fifteen days. Each student has a unique graph of performance in internal tests which can be obtained on request from the class teacher.
  • Students absent from tests and examinations will not be given any further chance even on medical grounds, to avoid disturbances in schedule.
  • Minimum marks needed for promotion will be 36% in each subject.

Internal Discipline

  • A very high standard of discipline, exemplary behavior, good manners, good habits of health and hygiene and work involvement are expected from each student individually and collectively in any location of the school campus.
  • Punctuality, regularity and completion of any home assignment is necessary for continuation of studies in the school.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any expensive or fashionable personal belongings to the school. Only graceful simplicity is encouraged.
  • Students will be required to show a sense of deep loyalty towards the protection of school properties and maintain the decorum inside the classrooms, corridors, facility rooms as well as in the open areas.
  • Damaging disfiguring and dirtying any area of the school premises will be taken as a serious offense and not only the involved students and their guardians will be called upon for the payment of damages but such defaulters will be liable to be expelled from the school.


  • Attending the school in proper prescribed uniform is compulsory.
  • The school uniform must be kept in excellent condition and must be worn with a sense of pride
  • Short, well trimmed and neatly combed hair for boys and simply set, clipped and ribboned hairs for girls, clean teeth, eyes and ears properly cut nails are part of school dressing norms.
  • Students will be regularly checked for whole dress code and defaulters will be warned and punished accordingly.
  • Shabby untidy and out of pattern uniform will make students liable for punishment.
  • To maintain uniformity of color quality and textile and pattern the uniform must be obtained only from school approved retailers.

Attendance and Leave of Absence

  • Minimum 75% aggregate attendance in the academic session is mandatory for being allowed in the final or board examinations.
  • Attendance is counted from the day the school opens.
  • A student remaining absent for any period of the day without prior permission will lose attendance for the day. Leave on account will be considered as absence.
  • Any leave of absence will be granted only against a written application, specifying a genuine reason and duly endorsed by parent/guardian. Leave should e taken in advance. ( except in case of unforeseen circumstances).
  • Sick leave for more than seven days must be supported with appropriate medical certificate from the attending certified medical practitioner.
  • Unsanctioned leave will be fine @ Rs. 2.00 per day of absence. Absence from the school for three consecutive days in a month will be a sufficient reason to strike off the students name from the roll.


  • In one academic session tuition fees will be charged for 12 months
  • We do not give any exemptions in fees on the behalf of a sibling studying in the school.
  • Conveyance fees will be charged for 12 months in one academic session